Mission and Vision

freeimages.co.uk light and pattern imagesMore specifically, the Association’s goals are:

1)    Strengthening Photonics Research and Development

Initiatives for reinforcing and promoting state-of-the-art basic and applied research, which besides offering new knowledge to society, can also contribute to the generation of revenues. A decisive reinforcement of the Return on Research Capital can be the cornerstone towards developing a new high-tech industry in our country, which will contribute considerably to the country’s growth. We believe that the essential increase of funding for research in photonics is now indispensable in the current economic milieu as outlined above. Finally, initiatives will be taken for the creation and launch of national programs focused on photonics, following European standards.

2)    Support Initiatives on Photonics Education

Initiatives to promote the science of photonics in secondary education, through the collection and dissemination of appropriate educational material. Promoting the outcomes of photonics academic labs and companies to society with popularized science events. Team formation across the Association’s members to enrich undergraduate educational programs with photonics-related courses, reinforce the operation of existing and establish new graduate programs. Primary goal of our endeavours is to develop a new mentality that brings innovation and excellence at the top ideals of the new generation.

3)    Actions for promoting entrepreneurship

Collection and dissemination of information on funding instruments for the establishment of innovative companies aiming at the development and exploitation of mature technologies. Taking up initiatives to raise investments on research accomplishments through public-private co-financing. Dissemination of informative guidelines on the protection of intellectual property, as well as support of efforts for the establishment of knowledge-intensive photonic enterprises.

4)    Actions for reinforcing employment

Initiatives for increasing employment of photonics-specialized human resources. Creation of databases on employment offer and demand, accessible to all interested parties. Collection and dissemination of information on vacancies in photonics industry for student practice.