Advanced Materials & Micro-Nano-Devices

National Technical University of Athens
Contact Person: Prof. Dimitris Tsoukalas
Telephone: 2107722929


The lab develops research activities in the area of materials and nanomaterials growth, the fabrication of micrometr and nanometer scale devices, the characterization of the optical, electrical, thermal and morphological properties of the materials and devices as well as their computational design and modeling. The equipment infrastructure of the lab is of the order of 2000 kEuros.

Emerging memories

We investigate the physics and technology of resistive memories (ReRAM) based on metal oxides formed either from continuous thin films or nanoparticle assemblies. The material and device fabrication is performed in a high vacuum system in the Clean Room Laboratory of the Dept. of Physics of NTUA. We perform electrical characterization of the device as well as material characterization.

We collaborate with Asis. Prof. Leonidas Tsetseris for DFT calculations and the Department of Microelectronics/NCSR Demokritos for device scaling (Dr. P. Normand group) and Electron Microscopy (Dr. A. Travlos group)

Nanoparticle based sensors

We investigate the physics related to the electron transport in metallic nanoparticle assemblies and their use as sensors for physical or bio-chemical parameters. Material and device fabrication is performed in the Clean Room Laboratory of the Dept. of Physics of NTUA.

We collaborate with the Department of Microelectronics/NCSR Demokritos (Dr. S. Chatzandroulis group).

Thermal processing of Semiconductors

We investigate thermal processes including ultra fast thermal processing of semiconductors that can result in diffusionless dopant atom processing with high electrical activation. Main application is currently the investigation of damage annealing, dopant diffusion and activation following ion impantation in silicon and germanium.

For that purpose we collaborate with the Laser laboratory of the Dept. of Physics of NTUA and the Laser Thermal lab of the Univesrity of Berkeley (Prof. C. Grigoropoulos).


Phone Email
Alexandros Georgakilas +30 210 772 4453 alexg <at>
Apostolos Kyritsis +30 210 772 3053 akyrits <at>
Yannis Raptis +30 210 772 3044 yraptis <at>
Leonidas Tsetseris +30 210 772 3046 leont <at>
Dimitris Tsoukalas +30 210 772 2929 dtsouk <at>
Vasileios Yannopapas +30 210 772 1481 vyannop <at>
Elias Zouboulis +30 210 772 3041 zoubisig <at>
Ioanna Zergioti +30 210 772 3345 zergioti <at>


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