AIT – Networks and Optical Communications

Telephone: 2106682700


AIT’s NOC group is specialised in the area of optical networking and communications and in particular in the topics of: core and metro-access optical network, converged fixed-wireless network infrastructures, data center networks and optical transmission systems. The group maintains a broad range of research activities and technical expertise supported by a state-of-the-art laboratory specialised in the evaluation of transmission and networking systems. The group has participated in large number (over 25) EU funded collaborative R&D projects related with “Future Networks” and “Photonics”. Specific areas of research and innovation work include novel architectures for circuit-, burst- and packet- switching, optical system and subsystem design, routing resource allocation and optimization protocols, multi-layer IP-Optical traffic engineering, advanced transmissions and switching techniques, and techno-economic studies. The latest research activities include work on converged wireless-wireline network infrastructure towards 5G mobile communication systems and inter- and intra- datacenter networks. The scientific results of the group’s activities have been included in over 500 articles, receiving over 5000 citations.


44 Kifisias Avenue 15125 Marousi, Greece