Strong Field Physics/Attosecond Science Group

Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH)
Contact Person: Charalambidis Dimitrios
Telephone: 2810 391464


The group is active since 1988.
Research is focused on the demonstration, understanding and applications of new phenomena induced during the coherent and/or strong field interaction of laser radiation with atomic and molecular systems. During the last 12 years, emphasis is put on the physics of the generation and characterization of intense XUV attosecond radiation pulses, exploited in the study of non-linear phenomena in the XUV spectral region, including XUV-induced-XUV-probe dynamics at the boundary between femto- and atto-second scale.
The group is participating in several competitive European research programs, in some of which it is playing a world-leading role and has established a great number of effective international collaborations.


  • Disclosing one-femtosecond scale intrinsic molecular dynamics through extreme-ultraviolet pump-probe measurements
    P. A. Carpeggiani, P. Tzallas, A. Palacios, D. Gray, F. Martín and D. Charalambidis , Physical Review A, 89, 023420, 2014
  • Revealing Quantum path details in high-field physics
    G. Kolliopoulos, B. Bergues, H. Schroder, P. A. Carpeggiani, G. D. Tsakiris, D. Charalambidis and P. Tzallas, Physical Review A, 90, 013822, 2014
  • Single shot autocorrelator for extreme-ultraviolet radiation
    G. Kolliopoulos, P. Tzallas, B. Buerges, P. A. Carpeggiani, P. Heissler, H. Schroder, L. Veisz, D. Charalambidis and G. D. Tsakiris, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 31, 926, 2014
  • Quantum-optical nature of the recollision process in high-order-harmonic generation
    I.K. Kominis, G. Kolliopoulos, D. Charalambidis and P. Tzallas, Physical Review A, 89, 063867, 2014
  • Two-photon above-threshold ionization using extreme-ultraviolet harmonic emission from relativistic laser–plasma interaction
    P. Heissler, P. Tzallas, J. M. Mikhailova, K. Khrennikov, L. Waldecker, F. Krausz, S. Karsch, D. Charalambidis, G. D. Tsakiris, New Journal of Physics, 14, 043025, 2012
  • Direct two-XUV-photon double ionization in xenon
    P. Tzallas, E. Skantzakis, D. Charalambidis, Journal of Physics B, 45, 074007, 2012
  • Few-Cycle Driven Relativistically Oscillating Plasma Mirrors: A Source of Intense Isolated Attosecond Pulses
    P. Heissler, R. Horlein, J. M. Mikhailova, L. Waldecker, P. Tzallas, A. Buck, K. Schmid, C. M. S. Sears, F. Krausz, L. Veisz, M. Zepf and G. D. Tsakiris, Physical Review Letters, 108, 235003, 2012
  • A compact collinear polarization gating scheme for many cycle laser pulses
    G. Kolliopoulos, P. A. Carpeggiani, D. Rompotis, D. Charalambidis and P. Tzallas, Review of Scientific Instruments, 83, 063102, 2012
  • Extreme-ultraviolet pump-probe studies of one femtosecond scale electron dynamics
    P. Tzallas, E. Skantzakis, L.A.A. Nikolopoulos, G. D. Tsakiris, D. Charalambidis, Nature Physics, 7, 781, 2011
  • Temporal characterization of attosecond pulses emitted from solid-density plasmas
    R. Horlein, Y. Nomura, P. Tzallas, S. G. Rykovanov, B. Dromey, J. Osterhoff, Zs Major, S. Karsch, L. Veisz, M. Zepf, D. Charalambidis, F. Krausz, G. Tsakiris, New Journal of Physics, 12, 043020, 2010


Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, Heraklion, Greece