Communication Networks and Applications Laboratory

University of Peloponnese
Contact Person: Prof. Boucouvalas Anthony
Telephone: +30-2710-372240


The Communication Networks and Applications Laboratory (CNA) exists from 2002 as Communication Networks and Mobile Systems Laboratory in the Department of Telecommunications’ Science and Technology. It is located at the premises of the University of Peloponnese in Tripoli, Greece. Currently, the Laboratory houses five academic staff (Professor A. Boucouvalas – Director, A. Kaloxylos –  Assistant Professor, I. Moscholios – Lecturer, N. Tselikas – Lecturer and K. Yiannopoulos – Lecturer), one academic laboratory instructor (K. Seklou), four PhD students and ten undergraduate students.

CNA’s research concentrates on future communication systems and services including:

  • Computer Networks and Internet technologies
  • Formal Description Simulation and Verification of Protocols
  • Mobile and Wireless Communication Network
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Network Application and Service
  • Network Management and Security
  • Performance Analysis of Network Protocols
  • Teletraffic Engineering
  • Wireless Optical Networks

The academic staff of CNA has more than 350 publications in journals and conferences in the areas of optical wireless communications, multimedia interfaces, teletraffic engineering, optical fiber communications, mobility management, QoS support and charging for mobile terminals.

The Centre has received over EUR 100.000  for some initial equipment that includes (IP routers and switches, ATM switches, software specification tool (SDT), H323 cards an MCU, wireless routers, antennas, cable testers and a phone center). It has also received funding (EUR 150.000) to promote the broadband networks in the Prefecture of Peloponnese. In the context of this program, it has deployed a 802.11 Wireless Community Network in the city of Tripoli. Also, it has received funding (EUR 50.000  from the General Secretary of Research and Technology) to carry out research in the area of mobility management for 4G Mobile Networks. The academic staff of CNA also participates in IST and IP projects (e.g., E2R) and also in national initiatives (e.g., Greek Broadband Task Force, consulting for the deployment of optical MANs in the largest cities of the Prefecture). Finally, the staff of CNA participates voluntarily in the One Laptop per Child project.

In addition to our research, the Laboratory is a major contributor to the University’s four-year B.Sc. courses in Telecommunications. Our department is the first one in Greece that focuses purely in Telecommunication Networks in undergraduate studies, thus, our courses include a large part of an M.Sc. curriculum.


People E-mail Phone
Boucouvalas Anthony -374920
Kaloxylos Alexandros -374885
Moscholios Ioannis -374963
Tselikas Nikolaos -374896
Yiannopoulos Konstantinos -374888
Kosmatos Evangelos
Seklou Kyriaki -374948
Kasketis Christos
Maltezos Ioannis


Panepistimio Peloponnisou, Tripoli, Greece

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