Fotonika 21 -Slovenian technology platform for photonics

FOTONIKA21 is the Slovenian technology platform for photonics, coordinated by the Laser and Health Academy. It was founded in March 2006, based on the EU technology platform initiative, Photonics21. FOTONIKA21 represents photonics research & innovation priorities at the Slovenian level, and aims to implement, together with Photonics21, a common photonics strategy for Europe.

It is not widely known but Slovenia is a country with the most solid-state lasers per capita produced anywhere in the world. A Slovenian company (which is today called Fotona, d.d.) developed and manufactured its first lasers in 1964, just four years after the invention of the laser. This makes the Slovenian laser industry one of the most experienced, if not the most experienced sources of laser technology development in the world.