Innovate UK Photonics Group – Official Group of Electronics, Sensors, Photonics

The Photonics Group’s role and activities are:-

  • Brokering business-to-business and business-to-higher education collaborations
  • Helping to identify the challenges and opportunities which face industry in all fields of photonics
  • Linking the best of business and academia to give all sizes of company easier access to new technologies, new markets and skills development

Companies which join the Photonics community have the ability to link to a comprehensive network of member companies through the portal to bring together the most up to date developments in innovation

The Photonics Group offers:

  • Technology and collaborative links support to the photonics community
  • Direct technology transfer advice to companies and researchers
  • Signposting to technology, science or training providers
  • Signposting and support to gain funding for development

Knowledge exchange

  • Co-ordination of focus and special interest groups
  • Analysis and road maps of strategic technology areas and studies of emerging markets
  • Overseas trade missions (inwards and outwards)
  • Organising technical meetings, workshops, seminars and training events
  • Dissemination of information from Group’s state-of-art reviews
  • Promotion and assisting with KTPs and CASE studentships
  • Dissemination of Government policy (such as feed in tariffs)

Support for R&D funding

  • Assiststance with finding and building consortia
  • Promoting the work of established funders relevant to photonics applications and materials
  • Working closely with technology platforms to provide strategic input into the National and EU Commission’s funding calls
  • Linking through the Funding Portal to UK National and regional funding packages for all stages of company development

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