Laboratory of Optical Spectroscopy and Laser Applications

TEI of Athens
Contact Person: Prof. Ioannis Sianoudis
Telephone: 2105385620


The Laboratory Optical Spectroscopy and Applications Laser has been instituted in recent years, with initially relatively low cost equipment, acquired gradually, either through direct internal funding or through research programs and appearances. Today is a laboratory unit, integrated in the research “Lab Optical Metrology” Department of Optics and Optometry at the TEI of Athens (OG 515/3/4/2015), to support both individual research activities and their contribution to the educational process, building the infrastructure and expertise gained to prepare dissertations and for the presentation of selected experiments for students of different specialties.
Research activities have been developed based on collaborations with research groups within the TEI mainly, but also with universities through participation in a series of joint research programs and activities such as the Athena 2004 programs, Archimedes I, II (5 programs ) & III and a PENED and also participated in a research project proposals within the Thales programs, in collaboration with the NTUA (SEMFE), the University of Athens (School of Medicine) and the Patras University (Physics Department), synergies and complementarity with the “Education and Lifelong Learning” acts of the Operational Program.
The laboratory operates in the topic of Optical Spectroscopy and Laser applications issues on exploring technological materials, medical / biological origin and objects of cultural interest systems, focusing on targeting in: i) Production of knowledge through research, ii) Knowledge transfer through education and training, iii) Dissemination of knowledge through ICT and iv) Application of knowledge through the development of technological innovations.


People phone mail
Prof. Ioannis Sianoudis 210-5385620
Prof. Panagiotis Drakopoulos 2105385747
Prof. Eystathios Kamaratos (emer) 2103605863 
Georgios Mitsou 2105385361
Dr. Nikolaos Merlemis 6977349184 
Dr. Eleni Drakaki 6932972002


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  • Ι.Α. Σιανούδης Ε. Δρακάκη, Ν. Μερλέμης, Ι. Βαμβακάς, Μ. Μακροπούλου, ΑΑ Σεραφετινίδης, Φορητό σύστημα λήψης μετρήσεων επαγόμενου φθορισμού και διάχυτης ανάκλασης, (έχει κατατεθεί αίτηση Πατέντας στον ΟΒΙ, 2015).
  • E. Drakaki, M. Makropoulou, A.A. Serafetinides, A. Tsenga, A.J. Stratigos, A.D. Katsambas, Ch. Antoniou,  Spectral characterization of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and actinic keratoses types by fluorescence diagnosis, Poster Presentation at the European Conferences on Biomedical Optics ECBO) meeting, Abstract book: p. 31, 12-16 May 2013 in Munich, Germany.


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