Matter Structure & Laser Physics Laboratory

Technical University of Crete
Contact Person: Prof. Stavros D. Moustaizis
Telephone: +30 28210 37450


The Laboratory of Matter Structure and Laser Physics provides both support the teaching laboratory courses to undergraduate physics students in the Technical University of Crete, and research support for postgraduate students and doctoral candidates in the field of Physics.

The lab has also developed intense research activity, both basic and applied research. Regarding the first, it deals with the study of nonlinear optical phenomena, the study multiphoton phenomena, study the dynamics of production and Clusters of large numbers, producing high-order harmonics by using short laser pulses, the  propagation of short laser pulses at atmospheric pressure conditions and their applications in the study and detection of pollutants and nuclear physics with lasers.

In the field of applied research studies the application of lasers in medicine and the environment, laser spectroscopy stoicheiometric analysis with mass spectrometry, applications of lasers in the development of new materials, development of pulsed sources, development of detectors – detector systems and systems development laser for general industrial applications.

The research activities of the workshop can be summarized as follows:

Basic Research

  • Study of nonlinear optical phenomena
  • Study of multiphoton phenomena (i) In atomic physics, (ii) Photoelectric effect, (iii) Time measurement complacency electrons with crystal lattice
  • Study of production and dynamics Clusters of large numbers (10^3 – 10^6)
  • Production of high order harmonics, using short laser pulses
  • Physics of short pulse laser propagation in the atmospheric pressure and their applications in the study and detection of pollutants
  • Nuclear physics with lasers


Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece