Medical Instrumentation Laboratory

TEI of Athens
Contact Person: Assistant Professor George Loudos
Telephone: 210-5385376


The Medical Instrumentation Laboratory was established in 2008 at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of TEI Athens. It is activated in the field of Molecular Imaging and Instrumentation with emphasis in Nuclear Medicine technologies and applications. Its main directions are:
a) Construction of dedicated imaging systems, including signal readout and amplification from photosensors (SiPMs, PMTs), signal digitization using ACDs/FPGAs and data transfer to PC or other receivers.
b) Small animal imaging using a SPECT/PET/CT prototype, which was developed during an ARISTEIA ΙΙ project.
c) Research in nanomedicine and hyperthermia, for the in vivo imaging of magnetic and other types of nanoparticles.
d) Monte Carlo simulations with emphasis in optimization of SPECT/PET imaging systems and dosimetry studies, using computational anthropomorphic phantoms.
Until now the laboratory has attracted 3.5Μ€ from national and european projects.


People phone mail
Prof. George Loudos 210-5385376
Dr. Maria Georgiou 210-5385376
Dr. Eleftherios Fysikopoulos 210-5385376
Dr. Panagiotis Papadimitroulas 210-5385376
MSc Konstantinos Mikropoulos 210-5385376
MSc Theodora Kostou 210-5385376


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