Nanotechnology and Microsystems Laboratory

National Center for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS"
Contact Person: Dr Panagiotis Dimitrakis
Telephone: (+30) 210650-3223


Since 2007 the N&M laboratory is certified under ISO 9001:2000 for the Si processing and electrical characterization and under ISO 17025:2005 for the electrical measurements. It comprises the cleanroom, surface and materials characterization as well as electrical characterization facilities. The cleanroom facilities include a full Si processing laboratory in a clean room area (500m2, ISO 6 and ISO 5 clean areas), equipped with unique at national level and state-of-the-art tools such as ion implanter and e-beam lithography (EBL). The newly installed 100keV modern EBL tool is capable of sub-10nm patterning on up to 150mm wafer-size.


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