Optical Communications and Photonic Technologies Laboratory

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Website: http://www.optcomm2.di.uoa.gr/
Contact Person: Prof. Dimitris Syvridis
Telephone: 2107275322
email: dsyvridi@di.uoa.gr


The Lab started its activities at the end of the eighties, focusing mainly in the development of optical communications systems. It expanded gradually to a broad range of activities covering, apart from communications other areas such as design and characterisation of photonic components and subsystems (semiconductor lasers, passive integrated devices, photoreceivers, etc.), photonic sensorsand related systems, fiber optic components, nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers with applications in cryptography, free space optical communications systems, etc. The lab is equipped with tate of the art instrumentation for electrical and optical measuremet and characterisation as well as systems performing diagnostics of fiber optic installations. It has the possibility to perorm microwave measurement up to 50 GHz and optical spectrum measurements with resolution of 20 Mhz. Moreover it has software for the design of microwave circuits as well as photonic integrated circuits. The funding of the group comes mainly from European and National research projects but also from service provision to the private sector.


People phone mail
Prof. Antonis Bogris 2107275236 abogris@di.uoa.gr
Prof. Christos Simos 2107275236 hsimos@di.uoa.gr
Prof. Hercules Simos 2107275347 simos@di.uoa.gr
Dr. Charis Mesaritakis 2107275357 cmesar@di.uoa.gr
Dr. Alexandros Fragkos 2107275236 alx_f@di.uoa.gr
Dr. Enangelos Grivas 2107275347 vage@di.uoa.gr
Nikos Raptis 2107275236 raptis@di.uoa.gr
Charidimos Chaintoutis 2107275347 cchaintoutis@di.uoa.gr
Thomas Nikas 2107275236 tnikas@di.uoa.gr
Marialena Akriotou 2107275347 makrioutou@di.uoa.gr
Michael Bourbos 2107275347 mmpour@di.uoa.gr


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Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications Panepistimiopolis, Ilissia, Athens 15784, GREECE

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