Opticon Group

Website: http://opticon-group.eu/
email: info@opticon-group.eu


Structures of nano-meter scale are increasingly used in a broad range of applications, due to the unique physical properties exhibited by their carrying materials, surfaces or devices. From IT (Optical Storage/networks) and Renewable Energy (OPVs/anti-reflective coatings), to Next-generation Lighting Solutions (OLEDs) and Health Care (DNA Chips/MicroFluidics), nano-technologies innovate our way of living.

Established in 2008, and carrying an extensive background in Optical storage, nano-technologies and precision manufacturing, Opticon is set out to address the challenge of low-cost nano-fabrication, using innovative Thin Film Laser Processing technologies.



Industrial Area of Tripolis, Block #07 22-100 Tripolis Peloponnesus Greece