Photonics Group, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Aristotle Univerisity of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
Contact Person: Prof. Emmanouil Kriezis
Telephone: 2310995920


Analysis and design of photonic integrated components and circuits, with emphasis on contemporary guided-wave nano-photonics. Expertise covers a range of advanced simulation techniques, both for linear and nonlinear propagation, with custom (home-developed) and commercial software tools. Particular areas of expertise include plasmonics, silicon photonics and other optoelectronic devices (both in terms of optical wave propagation in the context of Maxwell’s equations and carrier dynamics). Other expertise is on Liquid Crystal photonics (optical wave propagation and liquid crystal reorientation/switching) and specialty types of fibres (microstructured optical fibres, photonic crystal fibres). Finally, we do have some activity on switchable diffraction devices, such as Spatial Light Modulators or other addressable diffraction gratings.


People phone mail
Prof. Emmanouil Kriezis 2310995920
Dr. Alexandros Pitilakis 2310996362
PhD Georgios Sinatkas 2310996362
PhD Thomas Christopoulos 2310996362
PhD Dimitrios Chatzidimitriou 2310996362


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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Division of Telecommunications Thessaloniki, GR-54124, Greece

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