Quantum Optics & Technology

Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH)
Website: http://www.quantum-technology.gr/
Contact Person: Georgios Nikolopoulos
Telephone: 302810391005
email: nikolg@iesl.forth.gr


Research in our group focuses on quantum optics and technology.  Quantum optics studies various phenomena in light-matter interaction, where the quantum properties of the light and matter play an important role. Quantum technology is an emerging interdisciplinary field, encompassing several fields of physics and technology. It aims to realize practical devices for quantum simulations, computing, communication and metrology. Owing to their unprecedented controllability, quantum optical systems have become a perfect playground for the verification and further development of new ideas for quantum technology applications. In our theoretical quantum optics group, we explore and study fundamental properties of various quantum optical systems, including photons and atoms, and their applications to quantum technology. Our research is motivated by, but is not limited to quantum computation and simulations, communication and cryptography.


People phone mail
Dr. Georgios M. Nikolopoulos 0030-2810-391005 nikolg@iesl.forth.gr
Dr. David Petrosyan 0030-2810-391131 dap@iesl.forth.gr
Prof. (Emer.) Peter Lambropoulos 0030-2810-391384 labro@iesl.forth.gr


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Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, Heraklion, Greece