Radiation Physics, Materials Technology and Biomedical Imaging

TEI of Athens
Website: http://www.bme.teiath.gr/IonRadWebSite/index.htm
Contact Person: Ioannis Kandarakis
Telephone: 210 5385387
email: kandarakis@teiath.gr


The laboratory of Radiation Physics, Materials Technology and Biomedical Imaging is active on the folowing topics: 1. Radiation Physics (Ionizing and non-ionizing radiations, Radiation Detectors, Quantitative determination of biological parameters, tissue characterization, Monte Carlo simulations on radiations and light propagation through scattering media, luminescent materials etc), 2. Biomedical Instrumantation (design, simulations, devepment, quality assurance of diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation, 3. Image Science (theoretical and experimantal analysis of image parameters), 4. Luminescent materials and materials of radiological interest, 5. Electronics and mechanical constructions, 6. Quality control and quality assurance of biomedical equipment, 8. Clinical Imaging


Ioannis Kandarakis 210 5385387 kandarakis@teiath.gr
Ioannis Valais valais@teiath.gr
George Fountos 210 5385287 gfoun@teiath.gr
Nektarios Kalyvas nkalyvas@teiath.gr
Panayiotis Liaparinos liapkin@teiath.gr
Athanasios Bakas abakas@teiath.gr
Georgia Oikonomou goikon@teiath.gr
Leda Gogou
Elefterios Lavdas


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  • Michail, I. Valais, I. Seferis, N. Kalyvas, G. Fountos, I. Kandarakis: Experimental Measurement of a High Resolution CMOS Detector Coupled to CsI Scintillators under X-ray Radiation. Radiation Measurements 02/2015; 74. DOI:10.1016/j.radmeas.2015.02.007
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  • Optical absorption characteristics in the assessment of powder phosphor-based x-ray detectors: from nano- to micro-scale, P F Liaparinos ,Published 4 November 2015, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 60,  Number 22


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